Our Programmes

Here at Phoenix, we offer what is arguably one of the leading Pre-Kindergarten/Nursery facilities in this region of Thailand. No expense has been spared when developing and equipping our nursery facility with the best educational resources. The Pre-Kindergarten/Nursery Programme is based in a modern, spacious, hygienic and child friendly environment. Your child will enjoy a hands-on educational experience with learning taking place through games, activities, and songs. Depending on your needs you can select our English Programme or our Thai Programme. We offer excellent care for your preschool child with a high ratio teacher/teacher-assistant to pupil ratio.
Our Kindergarten is renowned and well known for offering an excellent first time school experience to our new learners. We offer both an English Programme and a Thai Programme which caters to all pupils from international learners through to Thai learners. We offer excellent learning resources, where our classrooms are located around a special kindergarten learning centre where our pupils can learn hands-on in an interactive way. We offer modern and effective teaching resources which will help your child gain an optimal learning experience. We use Jolly Phonics, a leading phonics programme which helps lay the foundations of English reading thus helping your child to develop essential reading skills. Audio-visual teaching methods allow our pupils to make steady learning progress, and each classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards. Our English Programme offers over fifty percent of lesson time through English with native English speaking teachers. The balance of lessons is through the Thai language. This helps our pupils to gain bilingual proficiency in both English and Thai at an early stage of their schooling. Our Kindergarten Thai Programme teaches all the main core subjects through Thai with our Thai teachers. In this programme, our pupils receive at least one lesson of English language instruction per day from our native English speaking kindergarten teachers.
Phoenix Wittaya School offers both a top quality primary English Programme and Thai Programme covering grades Prathom 1-6. Our premium English Programme uses the world renown Cambridge Primary Curriculum which ensure a high quality educational experience with a global outlook. Our English Programme offers the core subjects maths, English, science and social studies which are taught through the English language. Our core subject and E.P. homeroom teachers are all native English speakers thus ensuring fluency in English language instruction. Over fifty percent of lesson time is devoted to teaching the core subjects through English, with the balance focusing on lessons through the Thai language such as Thai, history, computers, physical and health education, music and swimming. Our Thai Programme offers all the core subjects such as maths, Thai, science, social studies through the Thai language, in addition to Thai, history, computers, physical and health education, music and swimming. The Thai Programme offers our pupils an average of one hour of English instruction per day with the lesson being taught by our native English speaking teachers. In both programmes we also offer a weekly Chinese lesson with the aim of enhancing our pupils educational experience.

What Parents Say

"Calm and peaceful atmosphere, well educated staff providing individual approach for each student. My son misses the school during the breaks and it’s a real pleasure for him to come back again and again. Teachers motivate students for learning and it’s the most important thing for primary. I’m really pleased with this school. Highly recommended. "

Ekaterina Surzhenko

What Parents Say

"Our son Tommy is only 7 years old but can read, write and speak Thai very good. Thank you Phoenix Wittaya School. Well done."

Alan Sodenkamp

What Parents Say

"All teachers are cute and friendly."

Wiwan Rantala

What Parents Say

"We are very pleased with this school, and thank all the teachers."

Somorn Thongampai

What Parents Say

"Thank you to Phoenix school that they help strengthen the development and educate the children. Tyra can speak, read and write both Thai and English. Plus the teacher helps teach good manners and confidence so that students can face any situation in or outside the school. There are many activities for both children and parents. We are happy parents."

Nana Nuta