Primary Phase is essential to every child to strive towards their full potential
and to set forth their dreams in life. This phase focus on the holistic child,
aged seven to thirteen years, ensuring that all students develop their
cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills to the best of their
abilities, preparing them for their future school career.
In Primary we work collaboratively with parents and co-teachers in an
enjoyable and enriching environment. Students are motivated to learn and
are engaged in the learning experience through interactive lessons and
lessons based on the student’s specific learning style. Teachers
encourage students to work at their best to reach the goals of Primary
Phase at Phoenix Wittaya School.
Primary aims:
To develop self-discipline, confident critical thinkers who is
adaptable to any environment.
Development of personal growth; socially and emotionally and being
cultural aware.
Creating life-long students to be a contributing member of the

David Wall
Homeroom Teacher P1/1
My fundamental goal as an educator is to generate the conditions within the classroom that empower the tremendously diverse creative skills that all children have. Creating a fun, safe and positive classroom environment where students can enjoy learning rather than endure learning. This in turn, should produce the right conditions under which the students will flourish. I understand that all children have extraordinary capacities for innovation and imagination I want them to try new things and take a chance and not frightened to get things wrong. Creative ability, which is the process of having original ideas that have value through the interaction of different disciplinary ways of seeing things, if you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original. The only way we can do this is by seeing the creative capacities for the richness they are. Children learn in many ways, visually, auditory and kinesthetically, but intelligence is also dynamic, children must learn to solve problems, make decisions and face daily challenges, as a facilitator my aim is to give the students the best possibility of a prosperous future.
Alistair Clewes
Homeroom Teacher P2/1
My teaching philosophy is to form a connection with each and every one of my students and to use that connection to impart learning. I believe I have a lot of knowledge to pass on to my students, both academic and life skills in a safe classroom environment that encourages them using a variety of methods. My aim is for my students to enjoy their learning and to ensure that they all receive a good education regardless of ability or background.
Morgan Page
Homeroom Teacher P2/2
All students learn in their own individual way, as such I aim to use a variety of teaching methods to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to grow and succeed. I believe that education should be an enjoyable experience for students. My aim is to create a fun, interesting, and engaging environment within the classroom for students to learn and grow, regardless of their ability or background.
Jochen Eeckhout
Homeroom Teacher P3/1
I truly believe that every single situation provides an opportunity to learn. As a teacher I feel fortunate to guide students through their learning process in the classroom but contributing to merging this knowledge in an ability to think critically and solve real-life problems should be a teacher’s real goal. My role as a teacher doesn’t limit itself to passing on factual knowledge, but rather support them in discovering values in life they consider important, and gradually gain experience in taking up responsibility for their choices, actions, behavior and their learning at school. We must always approach every single student with attention to their personal qualities.
Johan Naude
Homeroom Teacher P3/2
All students are individuals and everyone learns in their own unique way. I use multiple methods of teaching (linguistic, visual, auditory, kinesthetic) to teach students so that no one is left behind. I believe our students are our future. Each of our students has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. Teaching is an important and honorable occupation that demands commitment. A teacher has the opportunity to impact students’ lives in a positive way; this is a huge privilege that shouldn’t be taken lightly.