Our Kindergarten is renown and well known for offering an excellent first time to school experience our new learners. We offer both an English Programme and a Thai Programme which caters to all pupils from international children from western countries through to Thai learners. We offer excellent learning resources, where our classrooms are located around a special kindergarten learning centre where our pupils can learn hands-on in an interactive way.

We offer modern and effective teaching resources which will help your child gain an optimal learning experience. We use Jolly Phonics, a leading phonics 


programme which helps lay the foundations of English reading thus helping your child to develop essential reading skills. Audio-visual teaching methods allow our pupils to make steady learning progress, and each classroom is equipped with interactive whiteboards.

Our English Programme offers over fifty percent of lesson time through English with native English speaking teachers. The balance of lessons is through the Thai language. This helps our pupils to gain bilingual proficiency in both English and Thai at an early stage of their schooling.

Our kindergarten Thai Programme teaching all the main core subjects through Thai with our Thai teachers. In this programme, our pupils receive at least one lesson of English language instruction per day from our native English speaking kindergarten teachers.

In both programmes we also offer a weekly Chinese lesson with the aim of enhancing our pupils educational experience.